In Stags class we encourage the pupils to be independent, confident and hard-working. Not only does this give them good grounding for their learning in Year 5 and 6, but also prepares them for Secondary school.

Much of our learning is linked to themes, which often covers a number of subjects across the curriculum. Visits and using our outdoor 'classroom'  form an integral part of the pupils education, whilst encouraging them to carry out their own research to supplement their lessons.

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Stags Curriculum Overview Spring Term 2022

Stags Curriculum Overview Autumn Term 2021

Stags Curriculum Overview Summer Term 2021

As they become older, responsibility for caring for others in school is promoted. These may be in the form of play leaders, organising events and fundraising for the community, giving them skills which can be built on as they move up to their next school.

Class Teacher: - Mike Wright (Head of School)

Teaching Assistant: - Mrs Trish Palmer, Hayley Warren and Lucy Smith

Art - Stags have enjoyed their recent art lessons.


Cooking - Stags Class have been busy cooking cheese bead with Miss Daw.



World book day - World book day was enjoyed by the whole school and they dressed up to celebrate the occasion.


Co-ordinates in all 4 Quadrants - Power point presentation

Stags attended the annual Farmwise Devon Day in Exeter. There was 12 zones for the children to navigate in their  groups on the following themes: dairy, beef, sheep, wildlife, environment, fruit, vegetables, arable, food, pigs and forestry. The children had a great time as the following pictures reflect.



In September we adventured to the 'Wildside Experience'. This was our residential for years 5 and 6. They had a fantastic time getting to try new adventures and pushing themselves beyond what they would normally experience in the classroom.