Class 1 is the Reception Class and works within the Early Years Curriculum.  Our curriculum is holistic with each activity giving the child breadth of opportunities for learning.  For example, painting a picture of a dragonfly nymph would include fine motor control, use of colours, talking about similarities and differences in the natural world,  mathematics when working out how many legs, and of course language in discussion with the adult.  In addition, we use daily life in the classroom to promote good relationships and behaviour that helps us have a happy classroom.  The emphasis is on learning through enjoyment and we have lots of fun each day.

Class 1 Summer 2019 Curriculum Map

Class 1 Spring 2019 Curriculum Map

Class 1 Autumn 2018 Curriculum Map

Class1 Parent Information Evening

ClassTeacher: Mrs Hannah Swann

Wednesday 15th May - Class 1 were joined by children from Year 1 and Year 5 for part of the morning.  We had great fun in the identifying leaf shapes and matching them to the trees in the garden.



Monday 13th May - Today was very windy so we decided to make our own kites and fly them in the field.  The children had great fun racing together.  They also predicted which way their kites would fly.


Wednesday 24th April - We had a lovely afternoon when parents came along to look at the children's Learning Journey books.  Mrs Swann brought cakes in for everyone.



Thursday 4th April - We have had fun painting Easter chicks using forks to make a different kind of texture to represent the feathers.



Despite the very wet and windy weather, Class 1 had a very enjoyable trip to Roosemoor Gardens.  They had great fun collecting ingredients to help Rosie the garden fairy complete a task and gain her wings as she becomes a qualified garden fairy. Class 1 were complemented on their fantastic behaviour during the whole day.



World Book Day


Class 1 had lots of fun in with Class 4 looking at all the musical instruments they have been making in their DT class.